Making outsourced factsheet production work for your business

Outsourcing your fund document production can have a magnitude of benefits for your business – from cost savings to greater accuracy and more efficient document distribution.

To ensure you benefit as much as possible, working with an expert fund marketing document production company is, of course, crucial. But there are also a few things you can do to make the outsourcing process run smoother and more efficiently – which will ultimately lead to higher quality documents being produced.

As the Kurtosys Director of Document Production, I’ve worked with numerous companies to automate their fund document production.

Here are my top three recommendations of what you can do to ensure your firm gets the most out of outsourced fund factsheet production.

1. Think of it as upsourcing, not outsourcing

Outsourcing has the connotation of taking a portion of your business and giving it to someone else to take care of entirely – like outsourcing your call centre. However, this is not how outsourcing your fund document production should work.

When choosing to outsourcing your fund document production you are, in fact, entering into a partnership with your service provider – rather than placing all the responsibility squarely on their shoulders.

At Kurtosys, we like to think of it as upsourcing – you are working with experts outside of your business to produce your documents in a more efficient and cost-effective way. For upsourcing to work, you can’t just hand your document production process over to us and step-away. Close integration between our teams and yours is key to getting the most out of the relationship.

2. Do your own data processing

When it comes to data, the optimal scenario is to provide your fund document production partner with final, processed data. Transmitting raw data is dangerous as the process from data ingest to the final document being produced includes many steps – each of which is an opportunity for something to change or go wrong.

This means that, the final product and data reflected might not be what you expected or require. On the other hand if you provide us with the final, display-point data, you know exactly what figures your final documents will include.

Kurtosys is a document production and reporting solution, not a calculation engine, so while we can do simple calculations like totals, the more complex calculations should be done before you send us your data.

3. Limit variation as much as possible

To truly take advantage of the time saving potential of outsourcing (or upsourcing) your fund document production you need to limit variation as much as possible. In essence if we can develop a single set of components and document template to use for all your factsheets we can produce these much faster and more efficiently than if you require factsheets for different funds to take on diverse formats.

As an example, with standardised templates and global components used in 5,000 factsheets for a single client, we can cut end-to-end production time down to only 5 minutes per document.

This timeframe greatly increases when clients request multiple custom components and templates.

In conclusion

When done right, outsourcing your fund document production can save you time and money while also improving the quality of your factsheets. Follow the advice outlined above and you’ll be well on your way to getting the most out of outsourced fund document production.