Guide to Automation: Components, Layouts & Templates

When automating your fund factsheet production, one of the first steps will be to determine the base layout, component and brand identity rules your factsheets must follow.

By defining these guidelines you can create a master template for all future factheets. You will then also be able to determine whether you need any alternative layouts or template variations.

In order to do this, however, you need to understand what the terms components, layouts and templates refer to and what their respective purposes are.


Components are used to display fund information. Components include elements such as charts, tables and text blocks for commentaries and disclaimers.


The factsheet template represents the ‘grid’ used in the document. The grid is a structure made up of a series of intersecting straight containers (vertical & horizontal) used to structure the factsheet contents.


A layout is a unique combination of template and component. Different combinations will trigger different layout configurations.