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While asset managers are widely using digital tools, they still need to produce certain documents to ensure regulatory compliance. Both internal communications and client facing literature are shaped by industry-standard rules that govern which person must see which document at which stage in the process.

This means, even the most digitally advanced asset managers still need to produce documents on a regular basis. However, it doesn’t mean that these documents have to be produced manually – by automating your document production through technology you can save time and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this website designed for?

This website is designed for anyone wanting to find out more about automated fund document production.

How do I know if I should outsource my fund document production?

There are various scenarios in which outsourcing your fund document production is a good idea. They include a need to save time and money, a will to improve the quality of your documents and interest in moving away from a manual document production process. For more information on whether outsourced fund document production is for you, refer to this article in our best practices section.

Should I choose to outsource my fund document production to Kurtosys, will I still be involved in the process?

Yes, we see fund document production as a partnership and close integration between our teams and yours is key to getting the most out of the relationship.

What is a component?

Components are used to display fund information. Components include elements such as charts, tables and text blocks for commentaries and disclaimers.

Which fund document components can Kurtosys provide?

For a look at some of the most common components we can include in your fund documents, refer to the component library on this site.

What is a factsheet template?

The factsheet template represents the ‘grid’ used in the document. The grid is a structure made up of a series of intersecting straight containers (vertical & horizontal) used to structure the factsheet contents.

What are layouts?

A layout is a unique combination of template and component. Different combinations will trigger different layout configurations

What does the automated factsheet production process entail?

For a detailed article on the steps involved in automated fund factsheet production, follow this link.

How does Kurtosys create fund factsheet templates?

Kurtosys follows a three step process when creating a factsheet template. These are:

  1. Reviewing current state layouts
  2. Creating a master layout template
  3. Consolidating component and layout variations

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